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Flash Cards can Aid in Vision and Brain Development. The Koester & co. high-contrast visual stimulation cards are tailored for babies from birth.

Our visual stimulation cards are divided into 3 sets.

  • For 0-3 months: black and white high-contrast cards that may enhance visual acuity;
  • 3-6 months: black and white patterns with hints of red for color differentiation; and
  • from 6 months onwards beautifulle designed colourful patterns that encourage imaginationand promote cognitive development.
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Die koester en co. flitskaarte is ‘n lekker en interaktiewe manier vir kinders om te leer oor verskillende diere en voorwerpe deur spel, terwyl hulle kwaliteit tyd saam met jou deurbring. Die Koester & Co-flitskaarte bevat tipies kleurvolle beelde van verskeie diere/voorwerpe. Deur hierdie flitskaarte in jou speeltyd in te sluit, kan kinders op ‘n speelse manier van verskillende diere en voorwerpe leer. Of dit nou is om die bos met ‘n leeu te verken of met ‘n dolfyn in die see te duik, hierdie flitskaarte bied ‘n boeiende leerervaring vir jong hartjies. Om nuuskierigheid en ‘n liefde vir die natuur aan te moedig, is opvoedkundige diereflitskaarte ‘n waardevolle hulpmiddel vir beide opvoeders en ouers om ‘n dieper begrip en waardering vir die diereryk te bevorder.

The Koester & co flashcards are a fun and interactive way for children to learn about different animals and objects through play, whilst spending quality time with you. The Koester & Co flashcards typically feature colourful images of various animals/objects. By incorporating these flashcards in your playtime, children can learn about different animals and objects in a playful manner. Whether it’s exploring the bush with a lion or diving into the ocean with a dolphin, these flashcards provide an engaging learning experience for young minds. Encouraging curiosity and a love for nature, educational animal flashcards are a valuable tool for both educators and parents alike in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the animal kingdom.


Onder die see – 21 beautifully coloured flash cards
Op die plaas – 21 beautifully coloured flash cards
In die bosveld – 16 beautifully coloured flash cards
High contrast black and white – 21 Cards
Hi contrast black, white and red cards – 16 cards

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Dimensions 7 × 9,5 cm

Onder die see, Op die plaas, In die bosveld, High contrast black and white, Hi contrast black, white and red cards